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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Non Invasive Body Slimming

Body Slimming with LipoMassage by Endermologie

This non-invasive body slimming treatment can help to reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve areas with localized fat or loose skin. If you have lost a lot of weight or have loose and sagging skin, LipoMassage by Endermologie can help to create a smooth, contoured appearance. The procedure works using a set of rollers that stretch, tone and sculpt the tissues. This can be a great procedure after liposuction or when you have lost a significant amount of weight with diet and exercise.

Body Slimming with Zerona

Zerona is an innovative cold-laser procedure that promotes the release of fat that’s stored in problem areas including the abdomen, buttocks, hips and thighs. If you’re struggling with losing a few stubborn inches from various parts of the body, you may be a good candidate for this non invasive body slimming procedure. Zerona is performed on an outpatient basis and does not involve any needles or incisions. Clinical trials show that the average patient loses about 3.5 inches from the body after a series of treatments. You can expect to undergo a series of at least six treatments in order to see results.

Body Slimming with Zeltiq CoolSculpting

Zeltiq CoolSculpting is another innovative procedure designed to get rid of body fat. This non invasive body slimming procedure destroys fat cells permanently – much like liposuction – and works by freezing the body fat sitting beneath the skin. The procedure takes about an hour per treatment area and you can see results within four to six weeks of the treatment. Zeltiq is ideal for patients who are at a healthy weight and just want to lose a few stubborn inches from certain parts of the body. This is also performed on an outpatient basis and there is no downtime involved.

Hypnotherapy For Slimming

It’s not just about slimming; it’s about having that healthy and fit body. Slimming means a few pounds off the weight that you have been lugging around. It also means saving more money. Imagine all those greens you lose to those slimming programs you enroll to. You also tend to spend less when eating healthy food. Another advantage of trying to stay slim is that as you try to lose weight, your libido increases and that means easier lovemaking for you and your loved one.

But losing those unsolicited fats is just about one of the hardest things to do. There are numerous programs and products for slimming and losing weight. Actually, it is one of hits in the money making industry. New products always come out in the market, products for slimming. For slim is in!

Diet programs are one of the ways to slim those fats away. It takes tremendous discipline to religiously follow the slimming program. It’s about having the absolute and sheer need for a slimmer body. It’s when you find that right diet program for your lifestyle and personality that you attain the slimming effect of the program. But before joining any diet programs, it is advised that you consult your doctor.

And then there is exercise, regular exercise that is. The general rule is that you start short and then increase your pace gradually. Most people fail in this hurdle because of tight schedule. But then again, it is all about the desire to be slim and fit.

Another slimming technique is hypnotherapy. It’s when you redirect your lifestyle, such that you remain slim, fit and trim. It’s having the absolute willpower to shed those unwanted pounds. Hypnotherapy works on the mind. It fine tunes your mind to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Slimming Down Naturally

a) Diuretics:
Some slimming pills are said to contain diuretics which will stimulate water-loss. Water loss is indeed dangerous and can prove detrimental to the human body because water makes up almost 70% of the human body and is very important for the cells to carry out processes. Furthermore, diuretics are also known to increase potassium loss in our body. Potassium is needed in our body for many functions. Potassium depletion can lead to adverse effects such as mental confusion and muscle weakness which includes the weakening of the heart muscle.

b) Appetite suppressants:
Slimming pills often contain appetite suppressants that suppress the body’s appetite. An example of an appetite suppressant is Fenfluramine. This substance suppresses appetite by interacting with receptors located in the brain. Latest research has showed that Fenfluramines have detrimental effects on health. An example of a fatal disease is PPH which is a life-threatening disease that causes heart failure and death. Studies have shown that people who take fenfluramines run a greater risk of up to 20 times to developing PPH than those who do not take this chemical substance. In addition, fenfluramines have also been linked to the damage of brain receptors, which may be irreversible.

Body Weight Workouts

1. Excellent strength building exercises – First off, those workouts allows you to build your muscles quickly. There are a myriad of exercises ranging from lunges to sit-ups, and push-ups, you will be able to notice the positive effects it can bring to your body. Your muscles will easily be strengthened and toned in no time. Not to mention, your energy and stamina will be boosted, as well.

2. Results in the right places – One of the most obvious benefits of body weight training is the visible results in the places you need them. The most common areas are your mid-section, legs, thighs, and arms because the program tightens the muscles in these areas greatly. The unique pushing and pulling movements will benefit your upper shoulder and back and will even help you with your breathing.

3. Better health – Which benefits of that type of exercising is the most important? It has to be the improvement of your health. By exercising religiously, the probability of you developing heart problems or other related illnesses can be greatly avoided. These exercises will improve your blood circulation and reduce plaque build-up in your blood vessels. While exercising the muscles, you also exercise your heart; thus making it stronger and less likely to fail.

4. Cost – Another one of the benefits of that kind of training is that you don’t have to buy expensive equipment to get in shape, because the resistance will be provided by your own weight. You don’t have to pay for membership fees at a gym, nor do you have to have extra space where you live. That makes these workouts one of the most cost effective ways to stay fit.